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Welcome to Reference Database TABR Based on Tropical Asian Bees !

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Bees are the groups collecting nectar and pollen from flowers for their larvae. They have elongated glossa for sucking nectar from flowers and specialized feather-like hairs for collecting pollen. The honeybee is one of the most well known species of this group. Bees in tropical Asia have not been well investigated. A tropical bee reference database TABR is based on main references related to tropical bees and treats a taxon (e.g., scientific name of one species, one genus, or one family) as one record. Each record consists of 11 items, such as taxonomical information (family, genus, species, synonymy), type information (sex, locality and depository of the type, source of the original description), distributional data, reference, and notes.

The TABR is managed by a text database management system SIGMA.

TABR is supported by a Grant-in-Aid for Publication of Scientific Research Result and a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences (JSPS) (Both head investigators: O. Tadauchi). The use of data in this database is free of charge if the objective is academic study or educational purposes.

This database is now constructing and new records and references will be added.

Items of Data

Data and Tags are the Following 11 items.

1. (FTAX) family (scientific name, including subfamily name)
2. (GTAX) genus (scientific name, including subgenus name)
3. (STAX) species (scientific name, including subspecies)
4. (DST) distribution (Japan inland; overseas)
5. (TYPE) type (sex)
6. (TYPEL) type locality
7. (TYPED) depository of the type
8. (DESC) source of the original description
9. (SYN) synonymy
10. (REF) references
11. (NOTE) notes

Example of a Record

(FTAX) Apidae
(GTAX) Xylocopa
(STAX) javana Friese, 1914
(DST) Java (Buitenzorg)
(TYPE) female
(TYPEL) Java (Buitenzorg)
(TYPED) Coll. Friese
(DESC) Xylocopa javana Friese, 1914, Tijdschr. Ent. Vol. 57: 7, 32 (female)

Copyright Notice

Entomology Database Project Group (Head: Osamu Tadauchi, Editor: Katsushi Mitai, Chiaki Mitai, Shinsuke Sato, System administrator: Hitoshi Inoue, Fukashi Kamitomo) holds the copyright on the entomology database TABR.

Inquiries and Comments

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Faculty of Agriculture,
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