Xylocopa buginesica Xylocopa buginesica Van der Vecht, 1953 (in Naturalis, Leiden)

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Bees are the insect group which collects nectar and pollen from flowers for their larvae. Adults have elongated glossa for sucking nectar from flowers and specialized feather like hairs for collecting pollen. They are important insects from the point of ecological services as pollinating insects. In tropical Asia in the first half of 20th century, many expeditions were conducted in Indonesia by the Netherlands and in the Malay Peninsula by Great Britain and huge bee collections were accumulated in the Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity Naturalis in Leiden and the Natural History Museum in London. This database TAB was constructed by taking photos of specimens in the above museums with their cooperation and adding the species information for the purpose of making it available to future studies of conservation of forests in tropical Asia.

An image database file TAB (Tropical Asian Bees) is a species information database mainly based on tropical Asian bees, including images. Each record is composed of 12 items, such as family, genus and species (or subspecies) scientific names, distribution, sex of the type, type locality, type depository, source of the original description, synonymies, references, notes and images.

The TAB database is managed by a text database management system SIGMA.

The TAB database is supported by the Environment Research and Technology Development Fund (S-9-2(8)) of the Ministry of the Environment, Japan (Head Investigator: Osamu Tadauchi) and a Grant-in-Aid for Publication of Scientific Research Results (Head Investigator: Osamu Tadauchi) from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

The use of data in this database is free of charge if the objective is academic study or educational purposes.

Items of Data

Data and Tags are the Following 12 items.

1. (FTAX) family (scientific name, including subfamily name)
2. (GTAX) genus (scientific name, including subgenus name)
3. (STAX) species (scientific name, including subspecies)
4. (DST) distribution (Japan inland; overseas)
5. (TYPE) type (sex)
6. (TYPEL) type locality
7. (TYPED) depository of the type
8. (DESC) source of the original description
9. (SYN) synonymies
10. (REF) references
11. (NOTE) notes
12. (IMG) Images

Example of a Record

(FTAX) Apidae
(GTAX) Xylocopa
(STAX) acutipennis Smith, F., 1854
(DST) India, Bangladesh, Myanmar
(TYPE) male
(TYPEL) Sylhet
(TYPED) British Museum
(DESC) Xylocopa acutipennis Smith, F., 1854, Cat. Hym. Ins. Brit. Mus. Part II: 355
(REF) Smith, F., Cat. Hym. Ins. Brit. Mus. II: 355. 53, 1854; Smith, F., J. Proc. Linn. Soc. Zool., 11: 393, 1871; Smith, F., Trans. Ent. Soc. London, 1874: 277, 1874; Bingham, Faun. Brit. India Incl. Ceylon & Burma, Hym. 1: 537, 1897
(IMAGE) Female Male

Xylocopa acutipennis, Female (in Naturalis, Leiden)

Xylocopa acutipennis, Male (in Naturalis, Leiden)


The images of the bee specimens on the TAB database were taken with the cooperation of Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden and the Natural History Museum in London. We are thankful to Dr. C. van Achterberg (Naturalis), Collection Manager (Hymenoptera) Frederique Bakker (Naturalis), and Collection Manager (Hymenoptera) David Notton (NHM) for their assistance.

Copyright Notice

Entomology Database Project Group (Head: O. Tadauchi, Editors: O. Tadauchi, K. Mitai, Photos: O. Tadauchi, System administrator: H. Inoue, F. Kamitomo) holds the copyright on the entomology database TAB.

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